The Fort Canoe Kayak Club is the best kept secret in Fort Langley. Based out of the Paddlesport Dock on the Bedford Channel, our club offers a variety of ways to get involved in our sport. Whether recreationally or competitively, our club provides opportunities for adults and youth of all ages and experience levels to try paddling.

We are committed to promoting and developing the sport of Sprint Canoe-Kayak by encouraging participation, growth and personal success through the offering of exciting and diverse programs, and cultivating a passion for the sport within the community.

Leading the club is Head Coach Connor Fehr.  Connor brings a wealth of experience as a high level competitive athlete and an accomplished coach to his role. Connor believes that paddling is a great way for individuals of all ages to develop a active lifestyle while enjoying the outdoors. 

Join our friendly team and try a new sport - friends, teammates and a happy community await you here!

To learn more about our sport HERE.


At the Fort Canoe Kayak Club we offer a variety of fun sprint canoe & kayak programs to get your kid(s) active! All of our sprint canoe & kayak programs are designed around the Canadian Sport for life Long-Term-Athlete-Development-Model and more specifically are in line with the CanoeKayakCanada LTAD Model.

We strive to create programs for children of all ages and experience levels. Our programs are designed to guide them though these stages by first acquiring a foundation to be active for life, then learning fundamental paddling skills and progressively building on these as children progress through our programs!

New paddlers have three options to register, you can register in our Development program or check out our Spring and Summer programs!

Our Sprint Canoe & Kayak programs run year long and are broken down into 4 sessions; Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. You are welcome to register for all four sessions or try it out by registering for one session to start!

Our Summer programs are offered In July and August and are run in partnership with the Township of  Langley!


Canoe Kayaking is a fun, low impact sport for all age groups involving single, double, and 4-person boats for recreational or competitive use.

See Canoe Kayak BC and/or Canoe Kayak Canada for more information.

Canoeing and kayaking uses 1 and 2 bladed paddles to propel forwards while rowing is mainly leg driven and uses oars to propel backwards. (P.S. Canoe Kayak is way more fun in our humble opinion...but the rowers are pretty cool too 🙂


Competitive sprint paddling is distance racing in a straight line on flat water. It has been in the Olympic summer games since 1936. Our club participates in Regattas throughout the Summer.

Our youth program athletes practice all year long with gym training. Their coach works with them on fitness and prepares them in the winter. Dry land training keeps athletes in top condition. When the weather improves, athletes train regularly in their canoes and kayaks. This team participates in regattas in the Summertime. Click here for more information.

Athletes train all year-round, but in the summertime our team competes in canoe and kayak races (regattas). These events are largely in the lower mainland but also include some out of town. These regattas are sometimes for specific age groups, but generally all skill levels are encouraged to participate. Many first season racers have found their calling at these very fun and exciting races.

Anybody can sign up age 8 and over. The coach will take age and skill into account and athletes paddle with people of similar skill

All ages recreational paddling at Fort Canoe Kayak Club is a relaxed program that introduces kayaking as a fun sport for everyone.

Our coaches and staff are certified in water safety and First Aid. Our club regulations follow the Canoe Kayak BC provincial requirements, and our motorized safety boats are out with all the paddlers at all times.

No, if you are registered in one of our programs, you are able to use club boats, paddles and exercise equipment.

We offer programs for ages 8+. One of our athletes is 82 years young!

Anything you can move in and don’t mind getting wet! Athletic clothing that you are able to wear a lifejacket over is recommended.

Email us at to find out what would be the best fit for you!

It depends on which program you sign up for. A week long beginner course is different than the Sprint Team enrollment where athletes train year-round. The costs are seasonal and are comparable to other recreation for youth and fitness programs. When you view a particular program, the costs are listed.